Holiday Issue - January 2008
Holiday Edition, January 2008

Greetings Church Family,
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Peace & Blessings,
Jozetta Robinson and Richlyn Ophelia Emanuel
“For unto us a child is born; unto us a son is given…” Isaiah 9:6
Only a few days ago I was in the Hallmark store in Clinton, Maryland, shopping for Christmas cards. As usual, I had a good understanding in my own mind about the kind of Christmas greeting I wanted to send. Translated, I was looking for the perfect Christmas card. But even with Hallmark, this was a more time consuming exercise than I was anticipating.
Where were the Christmas cards that explicitly communicated that this holy season of the year is about the birth of a little baby? Where were the cards with divine tableaux of a young inexperienced mother, a caring father and their newborn enfant? Amongst all of Hallmark’s finest, where was the Holy Family? Where was Jesus? 
To be totally fair to one of my favorite retailers, I did find Jesus at Hallmark. But he was scrambled in amongst all of the other non-Christian signs and symbols that so many have ascribed to Christmas.
As a community of faith, we proclaim to the world that the infant Jesus, God clothed in human flesh, Love divine all loves excelling, is the single focus of Christmas. As a community of faith, we proclaim this gospel with joy and gladness.
As is the custom here at Saint Timothy’s, you have a special opportunity to give a tangible expression of your gratitude for God’s greatest Gift, the birth of his Son.  I ask that you prayerfully and generously make a financial gift to this parish in gratitude for the ministry that is ours here at Saint Timothy’s. May your gift to this parish reflect your love for God’s Gift to you.
Blessings during this Christmas Season.

+The Reverend Milton C. Williams, Jr.   
Glorifying God through Music: A Tribute to Gloria Clanton
By Donna Lewis Johnson
After nearly twenty-five years of directing choirs and playing the piano at St. Timothy’s, Gloria Clanton retired this past October 7. I sat down with Mrs. Clanton a few weeks into her retirement to get her thoughts on her extraordinary tenure. The opportunity to interview Mrs. Clanton was especially meaningful for me because she was my music teacher many years ago at Sousa Junior High School here in D.C. 
In 7th grade, I was eager to join the Sousa Junior High School Glee Club directed by Gloria Clanton. But there was one problem: I couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket, and still can’t. But a lack of singing talent didn’t stop me from auditioning for the glee club and even trying out for a solo. (What hubris, I know!) Mrs. Clanton, who has a gift for working with all voices, whether sublime or frightful, welcomed me into the group, despite my obvious limitations as a singer. However, she did stop short of giving me a solo. Thank God. Her decision probably spared me from certain embarrassment. Imagine belting out a solo off-key at an assembly filled with junior high school students. 
Yes, Gloria Clanton has a generous spirit. As director of St. Timothy’s Contemporary and Combined choirs and pianist and singer with the Chancel Choir, Gloria volunteered untold hours and used her extraordinary music skills to help build a robust music program at St. Timothy’s. “Gloria is not simply a choir director. She’s St. Timothy’s music institution,” says longtime choir member and friend Gretel James. “She has an excellent ear for music. She can hear a wrong note among a hundred voices. ‘What’s that note you’re singing over there, Gretel,’ she would say. And Gloria had patience in rehearsals, always taking time to listen to armchair directors.”
A “cradle” Episcopalian, Gloria grew up in St. James Episcopal Church on the North Jersey Shore about six miles from Asbury Park, a famous mecca for musicians. Her mother Clara Wilson began teaching Gloria how to play the piano when Gloria was about 5 years old. After graduating from high school, Gloria enrolled in Howard University where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in music education. She later earned a Master’s of Arts in music education from Columbia University. In 1980, Gloria transferred her membership from St. George’s Episcopal Church in Northwest Washington to St. Timothy’s. “I wanted to be closer to my home,” says Gloria, who lives nearby St. Timothy’s in the same community as the church.
Gloria was married for 45 years to the late George Clanton. Together, they had two children, Gail and George, who are now grown. Gloria is blessed with three grandchildren, Brian, Matthew and Alicia. Her husband George regularly taught Bible study at St. Timothy’s although he was an active member of Mt. Horeb Baptist Church.
Since joining St. Timothy’s almost thirty years ago, Gloria has served two terms on the vestry, where she chaired the outreach committee. She also has chaired the social and cultural committee, served as president of St. Timothy’s chapter of the Episcopal Church Women, been the reporter for The Order of the Daughters of the King, Annunciation Chapter; co-chaired the multicultural committee, coordinated the Angel Tree Christmas project; and been a member of the capital campaign and music committees.
Directing choirs at St. Timothy’s has brought Gloria lots of joy. “I have enjoyed working with choir members. It’s rewarding seeing them grow,” she says, ending with a fluffy giggle that tickles the heart and reminds you of pink cotton candy. “We’ve had lots of fun during rehearsals laughing at one another’s mistakes.” One of those stretches of good-natured hilarity came when Gloria taught the Combined Choir how to sing Handel’s “Soulful Hallelujah” for St. Timothy’s 50th anniversary celebration. “The arrangement has so many polyphonic parts and different harmonic groups. It’s difficult to sing. We rehearsed over and over for many weeks and at the concert, we sang it in a way that made us proud.”
Over the years, Gloria directed choirs composed of young children, youth, and adults. The genres have been diverse, too, including Gospel music, traditional hymns, and historic African-American spirituals. She also accompanied various choirs on the piano.
Gloria stepped down from her leadership role in St. Timothy’s music ministry to give herself a rest from the rigors associated with the duties. “You just don’t sit down and play the piano and direct. Leading and accompanying a choir takes constant preparation,” says Gloria. But once a musician, always a musician. Gloria plays the piano almost every day at home for personal enjoyment and will continue to be a member of the Combined Choir.
St. Timothy’s deeply appreciates Gloria’s many years of dedicated service to our music ministry. May God continue to bless our sister in Christ richly.


A delegation of acolytes from St. Timothy's attended the 28th Annual Acolyte Festival at the Washington National Cathedral on October 6, 2007.  The event attracted an estimated two thousand laity and clergy from nearly every state in the Union.  Participants represented 130 congregations from as far away as Arizona.

The ceremony began with a spectacular procession of clergy, vergers and acolytes bearing crosses, banners, torches, thuribles and flags.  The "Black National Anthem" was sung twice during the ceremony. The Right Reverend John Bryson Chane, who presided over the service, rededicated the acolytes and leaders.

Our very own, Kelsea Johnson, read the "Prayers of the People" during the service.  She did an excellent job.  Kelsea stood tall, read clearly and made us all proud.

Saint Timothy's was also recognized for being the only congregation to attend the festival every year.  In addition, Mr. William Weston received an award for being one of the oldest acolytes in attendance.  Lunch, workshops and tours of the Cathedral followed the service.  This was a very spiritual and festive occasion. All parishioners are invited to attend next year.

By Barbara B. Ashby

By Kelley McDonald
On December 1, 2007, a pleasant Saturday afternoon, approximately 75 ladies of St. Timothy’s and their friends gathered for the 4th Annual ECW Tea. The theme of the event, chaired by Kelley McDonald, was “Friendship.”   Many of the ladies invited friends from as far back as kindergarten. We even had some relationships that have lasted more than 50 years.
For several weeks prior to the Tea, Dorothy Robinson provided us with information in the church bulletin about the history of tea with interesting tidbits about the ritual of afternoon teas. By the time of the actual Tea Party, we were well informed.  
Members of the Repast Committee, Marsyl Allain, Ruby Hammond and Marjorie Pinchback, had the tables heavily laden with culinary delights. The attendees were treated to a variety of delicious fare. In addition to the items provided by the Repast Committee, the table hostesses treated their guests to additional delicacies. The hostesses and their guests consumed several gallons of tea selected by our tea connoisseur, Stacy Harper-Avilla.
Jozetta Robinson and Stephanie Byrd did a splendid job of leading the attendees in a discussion on the different types of friendship. The audience delighted in the sharing of many of the beautiful friendship stories. The guests also enjoyed music, door prizes and lots of gleeful laughter.
There were 7 little ladies in attendance – all under 15 years of age (one was 4 years old). Teenagers, Audreana and Tiana Robinson, hosted them. Their manners were impeccable and they participated fully in the Tea.
If you were unable to attend the Tea, do plan to join us for the next ECW Tea. When such good fellowship is shared, we want as many ladies as possible to share it with us!
2007 Christmas Pageant
The 2007 Christmas Pageant was a presentation of verse and song. The evening got off to a good start with a warm welcome by Carrie St. Cyr. The main characters on the Nativity introduced their characters and told the audience about their roles in the Nativity. The main characters were:
Gabriel (Adrian Bowie)
Mary (Joy Copeland & Lynella Charles)
Joseph (Nequil Taborn)
Shepherd (Jordan Johnson)
Herod (Woodrow McCutchen)
Soldier (Carl Anderson)
            Three Wise Men (Bruce Mann, Darren McCutchen and Richmond Owusu-Ansah)
Adrian Bowie and Joy Copeland sang lovely solos. There were several slots that had to be filled at the last moment and to our delight, Lynella Charles and Darren McCutchen, two college students, home for the holidays, graciously agreed to fill in.
After a reading, “One Solitary Life,” by Kelsea Johnson and a dance performance by “Oluchi,” the dance group directed by Melissa James, the Pageant segued into the Christmas Service.
Paula Bennett and Kelley McDonald coordinated the 2007 Christmas Pageant. 

By Kelley McDonald
St. Timothy’s Junior Daughters Observe Holy Innocents’ Day
By Donna Lewis Johnson
In observance of Holy Innocents’ Day on December 28th, members of St. Timothy’s Junior Daughters of the King (JDOK) Ruth Chapter attended a prayer service for children, hosted by Trinity Episcopal Church in Washington, D.C. Holy Innocents’ Day honors the memory of the male infants slaughtered in Bethlehem during Herod the Great's attempt to kill the baby Jesus. It’s a day for children to be blessed in the church.
Joy Copeland, Diahra Garrett, Ra’Essa Garrett and Kelsea Johnson joined with Junior Daughters from Trinity in lighting candles to commemorate children from around the world who suffered a violent death. The Junior Daughters also prayed for young people everywhere who are sick, abused, neglected, unloved, or troubled. “We ask that you bestow your healing powers on the hearts, minds, and bodies of all your children,” prayed the Junior Daughters.
The Reverend Canon John T.W. Harmon, rector of Trinity, officiated over the service, which began at 12:30 p.m. and was followed by a reception in the church’s fellowship hall.
Tanya Copeland and Donna Lewis Johnson accompanied St. Timothy’s Junior Daughters on this outing. “Holy Innocents’ Day is an opportunity for our Junior Daughters to put into action their vow to pray for others,” says Tanya, who serves as co-directress of the JDOK Ruth Chapter. 
Angel Tree Christmas: 
Delivering Gifts of Love and a Message of Hope to Children of Prisoners
By Ruthie Quartey and Zeno W. St. Cyr, II
“There is so much joy that comes with sharing Christ's love with kids who have a mom or dad in prison.”
Angel Tree Christmas gives churches an opportunity to share Christ's love by helping to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the families of prisoners. Participating in Angel Tree is a powerful way for your church community to lovingly answer the Biblical call to minister to the least of these. Many churches make an annual commitment to this highly rewarding program, and recognize it as a way to care for some of the most overlooked members of our culture.
“Angel Tree Christmas works by connecting parents in prison with their children through the delivery of Christmas gifts. In most cases, local church volunteers purchase and deliver gifts and the gospel to children in the name of their prisoner-parent.”
                                                                                    -- Excerpt from angeltree.org
On Saturday, December 15th, St. Timothy’s Mission and Outreach Committee, under the leadership of Ruthie Quartey and Zeno St. Cyr, II, held its annual Angel Tree Christmas program. This year’s program was well attended by 46 children and their parents/caregivers and gifts were provided to all the children. As is our custom, a brief program and a catered lunch preceded the gift-giving. The program included music, brief scripture readings, a discussion at each table led by a Mission and Outreach Committee member, and a closing prayer. A good time was had by all! 
The Mission and Outreach Committee appreciates the generosity of St. Timothy’s parishioners who willingly provide gifts for the children each year and without whose support this program would not have been possible. We also appreciate the assistance of Tanya Copeland and the Junior Daughters of the King as well as Barbara Ashby and Eddie Tyson for their services. We look forward to next year’s renewing of this rewarding ministry. 
Committee Members: Ursula Blake, Prince Botchway, Meigan Chan, Doris Jennings, Sharla Jennings, Pat Johnson, Ruthie Quartey, Ruby Quartey-Taylor, Merle Robertson, Dorothy Robinson, Zeno St. Cyr, II, and Marilyn Werner. 
St. Timothy’s Participates in EDOW Urban Ministries
By Ruthie Quartey and Zeno W. St. Cyr, II
Parishioners Meigan Chan and Zeno W. St. Cyr, II represented St. Timothy’s at the Episcopal Diocese of Washington’s Committee on Urban Ministries 3rd annual meeting, held Saturday October 6, 2007, at St. Stephen & the Incarnation Church, in Washington, D.C.   This well-attended meeting drew participants from churches throughout the diocese and featured Mary Nelson as the featured speaker. 
Ms. Nelson is the former executive director of Bethel New Life – a community development ministry in Chicago, Illinois. She introduced participants to the concept of “Asset-Based Community Development,” an approach that identifies a community’s strengths as foundations for development. As part of her presentation, Ms. Nelson led an exercise that had meeting participants conduct an assessment of their own communities within and surrounding their home parish. 
St. Timothy’s is one of several parishes in the EDOW awarded Jubilee Center designation for its outreach/urban ministry programs. In 2005, the Diocesan Council of the EDOW adopted a resolution creating a Committee on Urban Ministries. Since its creation, the committee has encouraged congregations to develop and foster a capacity for outreach ministry to the community and service to those in need. Examples of outreach ministry programs include, but are not limited to:
·         Feeding the hungry (Loaves and Fishes programs);
·         Advocating for social justice (housing, human rights, sexuality);
·         Serving people in need (information and referral service, emergency rent and utility assistance);
·         Engaging in parish health ministries; and
·         Programs for youth and seniors. 
The Diocesan Urban Ministries Committee holds monthly meetings at the Church of the Epiphany, Northwest, Washington, D.C. and Dr. Ruthie Quartey represents St. Timothy’s on the committee. 
Vestry Nominating Committee Report
Lionel Charles and Marcia Givens
Canvassing for candidates to the vestry begins at the beginning of fall each year as vestry member’s terms are nearing the end. The nominating committee, made up of vestry members coming off the vestry and others within the congregation, begin seeking out candidates. The committee was chaired by an outgoing vestry member and a non-vestry member. Candidates were sought to fill four vestry positions and the senior warden position.
The nominating committee used the Vestry Family lists to make contact with the parishioners. Each member of the nominating committee was assigned one or two of the lists to contact the parishioner and seek their candidacy to the vestry. We had very good responses for candidates to the vestry and seemed to be struggling to get one candidate for senior warden. Committee members continued asking parishioners and we succeeded in getting two candidates for senior warden. The slate kept changing daily. Finally, the committee presented the following slate of candidates for the 2008 vestry at the Annual Parish Meeting held on December 9, 2007:
Candidates for Senior Warden
Ora Brown Tilghman 
Candidates for the 2008 Vestry
Ursula Blake
Herman Bostick
Mary Ford
Henry Thomas Graham       
Gretel James
Kelley McDonald      
Jean Millar               
Sandra Peaches                     
Zeno St.Cyr
The results after the ballots were cast at the Annual Parish Meeting:
*Ora Brown Tilghman was declared the Senior Warden un-opposed
New vestry members selected in alphabetical order were:
Gretel James
Kelley McDonald
Sandra Peaches
Zeno St. Cyr
Congratulations to the senior warden and the new vestry members

Nominating Committee members: Otis Ducker, Mary Ford, Luther Shelton, Jason Summers, Barbara Vandyke and Novella Wright

*Prior to the release of this publication, Ora Brown Tilghman resigned from the position of Senior Warden effective January 4th. Dorothy Robinson also resigned from the vestry effective January 8th.  We thank Ora and Dorothy for their service.
Upcoming Events
January 18th - St. Timothy's Book Club - Cross by James Patterson
January 18th - 20th Joint Vestry Workshop
January 25th - 26th Diocesan Convention
January 27th - Installation of 2008 Vestry & Officers
February 5th - Shrove Tuesday
February 6th - Ash Wednesday
February 6th - 10th - High School Retreat
February 9th  - 10th  - Absalom Jones Weekend
ECW Luncheon Cruise
"The Spirit of Washington Gospel Luncheon Cruise"
Join the St. Timothy's ECW for a Pre-Mother's Day Cruise
Treat your special lady to a day of song, praise, food and fun on her special day.
Saturday, May 10, 2008 from 11:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
Cost is $66 and due by March 30, 2008
Make checks payable to St. Timothy's Episcopal Church
 - Write "Luncheon Cruise" on the memo line
Points of contact are Kellie Robinson, (202) 543-9171 or Stephanie Robinson, (301) 552-1643

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