March 10, 2013
This Week at St. Timothy’s
For the Week Beginning March 10th 2013

 THE LAYING ON OF HANDS AND ANOINTING FOR HEALING will take place today during the service.  You are invited to the Altar for anointing as we pray for healing of our body, mind and spirit.

           JOURNEY TO ADULTHOOD J2A will meet today at 10 a.m. in the lower level.
          CHURCH SCHOOL Pre-K  to grade 5 will be held today and every Sunday in the lower level at 10 a.m.
          TODAY'S FORUM will feature a presentation on Adult Daycare and Assisted Living.  The presenters are Mr. James Williams & Ms. Eleanor Bonner from Helping Hands Adult Daycare Center and Norfield Acres Assisted Living. Please join us.  Thank you!
          LENTEN GLEANERS ARE NOW AVAILABLE.  Please pick up your gleaner from the table located in the Narthex (Lobby).  Thank you!
          GLORY TO THE LORD!  Each Easter the parishioners assist to beautify the church with the purchase of Easter lilies.  The cost per lily is $19.00.  The forms to purchase lilies are in the Narthex. Please fill out one form for thanksgiving and one for in loving memory.  Place the completed form(s) and check in Dorothy Robinson’s mail box in the church office or in my hand or Marjorie Pinchback's hand by March 24.  The lilies will be delivered to the sick and shut-ins and the area nursing homes on Easter Sunday.  Please let me know if you can be that person to deliver Easter lilies. Thank you, Dorothy Robinson, Altar Guild Coordinator.

NOMINATE A YOUNG VOLUNTEER FOR THE KOHL’S SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM - Annually, Kohl's recognizes and rewards young volunteers across the country for their amazing contributions to their communities. This year, Kohl's will award an additional 2,300 kids with over $425,000 in scholarships and prizes.  Nominate a young volunteer, who is between the ages of 6 – 18, who made a difference in your District community.  Nominations are accepted from February 1st – March 15th.  For more information, please contact Kohl’s at 319-341-2932 or kohls@act.og. 
A STEWARDSHIP PRAYER - All generous God, you poured yourself out in creation, were totally spent in Christ’s death on the cross, and continue to give yourself through the gift of your Holy Spirit to us. Give us generous hearts; that, in response to your love, our lives may overflow in thanksgiving and generosity, through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen
  NEXT SUNDAY'S FORUM will feature a presentation on genealogy presented by Nathania Miles. Thank you! 
ATTENTION USHERS!!! – Commissioning of ushers will be held on March 17 during both services 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. Please be in attendance at your respective serving time. Thank you!
EPISCOPAL CHURCH WOMEN (ECW) AND MEN OF ST. TIMOTHY’S (MoST) invite members and friends of St. Timothy’s to join them at the Arena Stage to see the play, “MOUNTAN TOP” on Saturday, April 20 at 2 p.m.  Ticket price is $54.00.  Make your check payable to St. Timothy’s Church and give it to Tanya Copeland or Herman Bostick.  DO NOT PUT IT IN THE COLLECTION PLATEDeadline for receiving checks is March, 17.  Thank you, Herman Bostick MoST Program Chair.

LENTEN STUDY SERIES – WEEK 3 & 4 - This week's Lenten Study Series will cover 2 sessions: At 12 noon, the discussion Leaders are Pat Johnson (March 6, we had snow) chapters 15 thru 21 and  Danny Neal chapters 22-31 from  the book:  “24 Hours That Changed the World.” Stephanie Byrd and Donna Lewis Johnson are the Leaders in the evening. Please join us at 12 noon or 6:30 p.m.    A light meal will be served at both sessions. Thank you, Laura Richards.
ST. TIMOTHY'S ADULT BIBLE STUDY is suspended until after Lent.  We will resume on Wednesday, April 3.  Thank you!
VOLUNTEERS NEEDED FOR COUNTING TEAMS - Volunteers are needed to assist with counting weekly contributions after the 10 a.m. Sunday service.  If you are inclined to have this be a part of your ministry to St. Timothy’s, please contact Zeno W. St. Cyr, II, or provide your name to the Church Secretary.  Thank you in advance for your willingness to serve in this most important capacity!
THE NEXT VESTRY MEETING will be held on Tuesday, March 19 in the Parish Hall at 7 p.m.  Thank you!
THE BISHOP JOHN T. WALKER MEMORIAL PRAYER BREAKFAST - Celebrating "The Walker Legacy - One Nation, One People, One Hope!"  The16th annual prayer breakfast will be held in the Parish Hall, Saturday, March 23rd from 9 a.m. -11 a.m.  The facilitator will be Rev. Jocelyn Irving from Church of Atonement.  Tickets are now available - look for the special sales table in the Narthex and parish hall!  Tickets are $20 for adults and $10 for children.  Tickets are available from committee members - Barbara Van Dyke, Sharon Wardlaw, Sandra Yates, Barbara Forbes, Brenda Neal, Paula Bennett, Pat Johnson, Richlyn Emanuel, Milton Yates, Herman Bostick, and Lionel Charles or in the church office from the Secretary, Paula Nichols.  Thank you!
ST. TIMOTHY’S ANNUAL EASTER EGG HUNT SPONSORED BY MoST will be held after the 10 a.m. service on Easter Sunday, March 31.  All children 12 years old and younger are eligible to participate.  Please meet in the Parish Hall on Easter for instructions.  All men of the Church are reminded to bring one dozen hard-boiled, colored eggs for the Easter Egg Hunt.  If you have any questions, you can contact any member of MoST.  Thank you, Julius Copeland
THE ST. TIMOTHY’S BOOK CLUB has decided to read the four books in the BLESSING SERIES by Beverly Jenkins.  If you have not read the first book, “Bring on the Blessings”---GO GET IT NOW.  Then you can read the second book, “A Second Helping”.  The story continues with Bernadine Brown who saved the historical town of Henry Adams, Kansas, from financial ruin and found loving homes for five needy children.  Now Bernadine becomes involved in so much more.  With the help of the loving and caring people of Henry Adams, Bernadine continues to rebuild Henry Adams.  Enjoy the book(s) and come have fun when the book club meets on Friday, April 19 at 6:30 pm.  Thank you, Sharon Wardlaw, Chair, Social and Cultural Committee and Pat Johnson, Book Club Coordinator

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