Episcopal Church Women (ECW)
ECW Officers for the 2010-2012 Term
President                      Stephanie Byrd
Vice President              Peggy Edwards-Jones
Treasurer                     Tanya Copeland
Secretary                     Donna Lewis-Johnson 
Committee Members: Every woman in the parish is a member of the Episcopal Church Women. 
Mission: The Episcopal Church Women was established by vote of the delegates to the 1985 Triennial Meeting. “The purpose of this organization shall be to assist the women of the Episcopal Church to carry on Christ’s work of reconciliation, mission and ministry in the community, nation and the world, and to take their place in the life, governance and worship of the church”. Some of the organizations which met the criteria included the Altar Guild, Daughters of the King, and the Diocesan United Thank Offering (UTO). 
Prayers for Episcopal Church Women
Almighty God, bless, we pray, our work in mission and ministry in the world; and make us so thankful for the precious gift of your beloved Son, that we may pray fervently, labor diligently and give liberally to make known throughout the world the redeeming love of our Savior. Amen
Responsibilities:  As a parish, ECW’s mission is to provide support to women in all in their varied ministries, and to be a fund-raising arm of the church. Here at St. Timothy’s, the women serve in multiple roles which are ever-evolving. In doing so, ECW also mentors to the younger females of the congregation.
Special Events/Important Dates
ECW Meeting Dates
Please see calendar.
Scheduled Activities  
UTO & Corporate Communion TBD
Annual Tea December 4, 2010
UTO and Bread Baking April 2010 TBD
Women & Girls' Day May 2, 2010 
PicnicJune TBD
Father's Day Breakfast -  June 13, 2010

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