Senior Ministries
                                   SENIOR MINISTRIES COMMITTEE
OBJECTIVE: To develop and provide spiritual and engaging programs which stimulate interests and active involvement of each and every senior at St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church and in the immediate community.
  • To minister to the senior members of the parish and community by providing a diversity of information, education and activities designed to enhance their daily living;
  • To plan with the Rector appropriate activities for Senior Recognition Sunday.
  • Support the sick, homebound and institutionalized;
  • Participate in the Diocesan Seabury Resources for Aging (former Senior Ministries) and other activities;
  • Annual Recognition at the Diocesan and Parish levels;
  • Forums on current topics significant to the senior’s protection, health and wellness.
  • Senior Recognition Sunday/Forum--May 
  • Annual Senior Fish Friday/Outreach Program—June
Lorna Meigan Chan                            Lionel Charles
Shirley Emanuel                                 Berniece Jones                             
Ernest McNeil, II                                Merle Robertson
Adam Shaw  ‚Äč                                      Valerie Sammons, Chairperson                                

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