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Born out of need

In the spring of 1944, the Diocese of Washington, under the leadership of Bishop Angus Dun, realized the need for a church in an area of the District of Columbia known as Hillcrest. On land purchased back in 1937, a portable frame chapel with seating capacity of 135 was erected and consecrated in August 1944. The Reverend John Parker Coleman from Hartford, Connecticut was appointed Vicar of the new mission, which was named "The Chapel of St. Timothy.'' The first service was conducted in September 1944, with 211 people present, and on January 9, 1945, the congregation was organized as a mission that was admitted as such at the Diocesan Convention on May 9, 1945.

Breaking ground

On October 22, 1950, ground was broken for the construction of the lower level of a future church building. Construction began on May 3, 1951, and the new structure was dedicated on January 20, 1952. The last service was held in the original chapel on June 6, 1954. Church services, beginning in June 1954, were held in the new parish hall while plans were in progress to complete the new building.


A new parish

In October 1954, ground was broken for the new building and the cornerstone was laid in February 1955. Bishop Angus Dun consecrated the church in April 1956. In May 1956, a request for parish status was submitted to the 61st Diocesan Convention and approved. Reverend Coleman was called by the Vestry to be the first rector, and served until September 1956, marking the twelfth anniversary of the church. In July 1956, the Reverend Arthur H. Underwood from Charlotte, Michigan was called and was installed as the second rector in October 1956 and served until late 1969. The traditions of worship, service, community involvement, outreach and singing were continued and expanded at St. Timothy's during his pastorship.

Working among the community 

The Reverend Edward 0. Waldron was called from Augusta, Georgia as third rector in January 1970. He served until 1976. The opening of a day care center, a community school of dance, and the ministry to the aging highlighted the work in 1973.


Growing strong

The Reverend Richard L. Tolliver was called from Boston, Massachusetts as fourth rector in 1977, was installed in May 1977; he served until 1984. The original architectural design for the church complex contained plans for an upper parish hall and other facilities. Groundbreaking ceremony for the new facility was held in September 1980, thirty-six years from the date the first service was held in the Chapel. Bishop John T. Walker dedicated the new structure in April.


Full of life

In March 1986, a call was extended to Reverend Dalton D. Downs, a former rector of Emmanuel Parish, Cleveland, Ohio; Bishop John T. Walker installed him as the fifth rector in October 1986. Under Canon Downs' capable leadership, the parish has continued its growth and traditions of worship, music, service, community involvement and outreach. The congregation of St. Timothy's is very proud of its history and remains committed to the principles upon which it was founded. 

Reverend Downs retired on April 30, 2006, after 41 years of service in the ordained ministry and 20 years of exceptional spiritual leadership to St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church and the Episcopal Diocese of Washington.


A new beginning

A call was extended in November 2008 to Reverend Charles C. Amuzie, Ph.D, former rector of St. Athanasius, Brunswick, Georgia.  Reverend Amuzie gave his first sermon as the 6th Rector of St. Timothy's on January 4, 2009.  The parishioners of St. Timothy's are blessed to have Reverend Amuzie and look forward to working with our new spiritual leader to advance the mission of serving Christ.  Reverend Amuzie was officially installed as the 6th Rector of St. Timothy's on Saturday, April 25, 2009.

Reverend Amuzie resigned from St. Timothy's October 30, 2010.

Rev. Caron A. Gwynn was selected as St.Timothy's Priest at the end of July 2011.





1944 – 1956                 The Reverend John P. Coleman, Vicar and 1st Rector

1956 – 1969                 The Reverend Arthur H. Underwood

1970 – 1976                 The Reverend Edward O. Waldron

1977 – 1984                 The Reverend Richard L. Tolliver

1986 – 2006                 The Reverend Canon Dalton D. Downs
2006 – 2008                 The Reverend Milton C. Williams Jr.,Interim Rector
2009 – 2010                 The Reverend Charles C. Amuzie, Rector
2011 – 2017                 The Reverend Caron A. Gwynn, Priest-in-Charge
2017 – 2021                 The Reverend Jeanie Martinez-Jantz, Interim Rector
2021 - Present             The Reverend Todd Thomas


Historical Dates of St. Timothy's Episcopal Church Building


Dedicated January 20, 1952                                                                                Original Parish Hall

Dedicated September 18, 1955                                                         St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church

Dedicated April 25, 1982                                                                                       Upper Parish Hall


Building Renovations 


†    Upgraded the facility to make it handicapped accessible (restrooms and front of building)

†    Improved lighting and installed new floors in lower Parish Hall

†    Refurbished STEP Room

†    Upgraded the Upper Parish Hall with new lighting, new floor and new stage

†    Tinted windows and front door of Nave and Narthex

†    Replaced blinds in Nave

†    Paved Parking Lot

†    Added a security system and lighting for the perimeter of building

†    Lower level kitchen renovations completed

†    Installed new heating system for Nave and the lower classrooms

†    Replaced entry doors to the Nave (coming from Alabama Avenue entrance to building)

†    Renovated small kitchen in Upper Parish Hall

†    Remodeled Bridal Room                                                                                

†    Replaced flooring in Narthex

†    Replaced carpet in Nave and Conference Room

†    Replaced roofs

†    Replaced Nave lights

†    Replaced double-entry doors on Alabama Avenue side

†    Installed A/C in Child Development Center classrooms and offices

†    Built and installed new Pipe Organ

†    Installed new sound system in Nave and Parish Hall

†    Constructed new sign on front lawn

†    Renovated old Sacristy

†    Added new Steinway Piano in Nave


(Excerpts from History of St. Timothy's Church by Willie E. Clark, Chair, History Committee)