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Jr. Daughters of the King


Junior Daughters of the King, Ruth Chapter, Province III


Committee Chair and Contact Info: Stephanie Byrd and Tanya Copeland

Committee Members: Young ladies ages 10 to 18 are invited to join the Jr. Daughters. 


Mission: As a religious Order, our mission is to spread God’s Kingdom and strengthen the spiritual life of the church.


Responsibilities: Our responsibilities are to spread God’s Kingdom and strengthen the spiritual life of the church through a solemn vow of prayer and service. We pray daily for the spread of the Kingdom, and for the blessings of God on our Order for spiritual growth. As part of the rule of service, Junior Daughters participate regularly in the worship, Bible study and ministry of the church, and make a constant effort to bring others to Christ (as evangelists), and serve the church and community; in word and deed.    It is our daily responsibility to wear the cross for the Order to represent Jesus’ love for us and His people. The cross is inscribed with the initials FHS, which means “For His Sake”.   We wear the colors of the Order, Blue and White. Blue representing Mary, the servant or handmaid of the Lord; and White for rejoicing, and for the festivals of Christ.


Special Events/Important Dates to be listed on web page


§         Meetings: 3rd Sunday of each month – following 10:00 AM service. - St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church


§         Study session dates for Postulants will be listed accordingly.