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Sunday School


The church school is just the beginning of a lifelong, spiritual journey where children and youth are nurtured in their faith and the teachings and traditions of the Episcopal Church.


The church school staff utilize the Episcopal Church Curriculum (ECC) developed by the Center for the Ministry of Teachings at Virginia Theological Seminary. The ECC is used for preschool through preteen classes. The teen class studies a lectionary based curriculum that is a cooperative venture between the Episcopal Council for Christian Education (ECCE) and the Ministries with Young People Cluster of the Episcopal Church.

The ECC is rooted in scripture and rich in traditions. In the ECC, there are three years of material available for each group covering the year of the Shell, Chalice and the cross. Each year is organized into four units - Old Testament, New Testament, Sacraments and the Church. Each lesson within the ECC follows a consistent structure that involves a gathering, story-telling (lessons), activity period and a closing.

For the Teen class curriculum, the Lectionary (from the Latin - "lectio") reading is a schedule of readings designed to take us through a complete reading of the Bible on a three year cycle - Year A, B and C. Our Sunday lessons are based on the Book of Common Prayer (BCP), Revised Common Lectionary (RCL).


Preschool (Ages 3 to Kindergarten)

The Preschool lessons are "chock full" of activities to keep active kids interested and focused.

Primary (1st Grade to 3rd Grade)

The Primary kids have a natural curiosity and the ECC engages them in activities that bring biblical characters and church history to life for the students.

Intermediate (4th Grade to 6th Grade)

Challenging a young person's mind is critical for this particular age group. They can be creative through art, poetry and brief skits where they portray biblical characters.

Preteens (7th Grade to 8th Grade)

The Episcopal Curriculum for youth encourages Preteens to express themselves. Preteens explore different perspectives, ask "why?" and then find their own answers through discussion.

Teens (9th to 12th Grade)

The Teen curriculum follows a simple format which includes prayer, the Gospel, discussion questions, and a choice of relevant activities. It allows the teens to explore the scriptures, and apply it to their daily lives. It engages the teacher and teens in conversations verses lectures.


The church school presents three major events/performances during the church school year: Christmas Pageant on Christmas Eve; Black History Month Program held the last Sunday in February each year; and Graduate Sunday which is the first Sunday in June each year.


Church school begins at 9:45am each Sunday beginning the second week in September through the 1st week in June unless otherwise specified in the church calendar.


The church school Director is Laura Richards. Please contact the church office for more information.

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