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In accordance with the Constitution and Canons of the Diocese of Washington, the members of the Parish, at a duly convened meeting of the congregation, shall elect a Vestry to serve as agents and legal representatives of the Parish in all matters concerning its corporate property and the relations of the Parish to its clergy. 


Rector                                         Rev. Todd Thomas

Senior Warden                           Earl Harris-Nicholls

Junior Warden                           Eddie Tyson

Clerk                                           Mary Ford

Treasurer                                    Merle Robertson

Budget & Finance                      Rosslyn Edwards Manning

                                                    Delainey Price-Henry

Christian Education                   Julius Copeland

Congregational Growth            Virgil McDonald

Youth Ministries                         Earl Harris-Nicholls

Senior Ministry                           Wanda Price

Mission & Outreach                   Donna Lewis-Johnson

Social & Cultural.                        Peggy Edwards Jones

Stewardship                                Stephanie Byrd

Development                              Woodrow McCutchen

Liaison to Tending Our Soil       Zeno St. Cyr II

Communications                        Ora Brown Tilghman

Legal Representative                 Laura Richards



Brenda Neal

Wendy Butler-Richardson, Alternate